Strategic HR Management: Navigating Organizational Excellence

Mrs. Farah Tahzib Tabish Khan

Paperback and e–book


129 pages

Rs. 1000/- ($80)

About The Author

Mrs. Farah Tahzib Tabish Khan, is a distinguished scholar, seasoned educator, and prolific writer with over two decades rich experience at DRT’s A E Kalsekar Degree College, University of Mumbai. Her academic career has been characterized by an unwavering quest for knowledge, an enthusiasm for critical thinking, and a dedication to promoting intellectual development both within and beyond the classroom. She completed her Masters in Commerce from University of Mumbai in 2001, and later on Masters of Philosophy from Annamalai University in 2008.

Throughout her career, Mrs. Farah Tahzib has published many research papers in academic journals of repute. She has also participated in many seminars and conferences. As a dedicated educator, Mrs. Farah Tahzib has played a pivotal role in shaping the minds of future generations of learners. Her dynamic teaching style, combined with a genuine passion for imparting knowledge, has inspired countless students to pursue their academic interests with enthusiasm and rigor. Moreover, she has served as mentors to numerous aspiring scholars, providing guidance and support as they navigate the complexities of academia. Her areas of Interest include Human Resource Management, Content Marketing, Business Development and Organizational Behavior.

About The Book

In the ever-changing field of human resources, "Strategic HR Management: Navigating Organizational Excellence" serves as your guide. It provides useful advice and insights to help achieve organizational greatness for HR experts, corporate executives, and aspiring managers alike.

This book delves deeply into the strategic aspects of HR management, stressing the significance of matching organizational objectives with HR practices. Each chapter examines how HR operations may be used as strategic tools to promote success, from hiring and talent development to performance management and employee engagement.

Readers will get practical tips and examples from the real world to understand how to foster an environment where people can grow and work together to achieve organizational success. This book gives you the information and resources you need to navigate the difficulties of strategic HR management and realize the full potential of your company, whether you're an experienced HR professional searching for fresh insights or a business leader tries to maximize your personnel.

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