Innovate to Integrate : A Multidimensional Approach for Managing Business

Ankit Raj Singh, Dr. Ugra Mohan Jha and Dr. Manish Kumar

Paperback and e–book


189 pages

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About The Editors

Ankit Raj Singh, is an innovative travel entrepreneur, researcher, and academician with a distinguished background in the travel and transport sector, further enriched by his significant contributions to academic research and innovation. Throughout his decade-long journey, Ankit has extensively explored the vast landscapes of India, traversing all 24 states and 7 Union Territories. This extensive exploration has equipped him with a profound understanding of customer needs and the intricate dynamics of the travel industry.

His career is characterized by a steadfast pursuit of excellence, with a particular focus on strategic management, customer relations, and marketing, aimed at addressing industry challenges and boosting organizational efficiency. Currently advancing his academic career by pursuing a Doctorate in Management, Ankit is deeply engaged in academic research, exploring a broad spectrum of business management issues to enrich the field's knowledge base.

Ankit's academic career is further distinguished by his achievements in innovation, holding several design patents that have been both published and granted. These patents underscore his inventive contributions to the field, showcasing his ability to blend practical industry insights with scholarly research to drive forward-thinking solutions.

Beyond his professional and scholarly achievements, Ankit has shown a steadfast commitment to social responsibility, actively participating in community connect projects and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives with Rotary International. This reflects his profound dedication to contributing positively to community welfare. His leadership qualities were finely honed during his service as a senior division National Cadet Corps (NCC) cadet, a period marked by significant achievements and unwavering commitment. As a scholar, Ankit's contributions to the academic world include publishing research papers in prestigious journals and presenting at international business management conferences, highlighting his dedication to advancing the discourse in business management. Ankit Raj Singh's career, distinguished by a harmonious blend of industry experience, academic rigor, and social commitment, positions him as a prominent figure in the domain of business management, destined to make enduring contributions to both the industry and academia.

Professor Ugramohan Jha, is a distinguished academic luminary renowned for his expertise in Economics, particularly in the domains of Rural Economics. Having served as the Former Vice Chancellor of Pratap University Jaipur and as a University Professor at TM Bhagalpur University in Bihar, Professor Jha brings a wealth of experience to his academic endeavors. His scholarly pursuits have been recognized with prestigious accolades, including the UGC Emeritus Fellowship in Economics, affirming his significant contributions to the discipline.

As the Founder Director of the Agro-Economic Research Centre for Bihar & Jharkhand, Professor Jha has led numerous impactful research projects funded by esteemed bodies such as UGC, ICSSR, and the Ministry of Agriculture. His dedication to academic mentorship is evident through his supervision of over 100 PhD projects, while his prolific scholarly output includes authorship of multiple books and publication of numerous research papers in esteemed national and international journals. Currently serving as the Chief Editor of ARYABHAT GAVESHANA PATRIKA, Professor Jha continues to shape the academic discourse, fostering interdisciplinary research and knowledge dissemination.

Dr. Kumar, is a distinguished professional possessing a robust educational foundation and extensive expertise in the domain of Information Technology. His academic journey has seen him assume various pivotal roles, notably as an Assistant Professor at Bhagalpur College of Engineering and as Principal at Vidya Vihar Institute of Technology in Bihar. Dr. Kumar's scholarly contributions are noteworthy, characterized by a plethora of publications in both National and International Journals, along with active participation in seminars where his research findings have been disseminated. His affiliation with esteemed bodies such as the International Association of Engineers, Computer Society of India, and Institution of Engineers underscores his unwavering dedication to advancing the field. Presently, Dr. Kumar holds the esteemed position of Director at Lalit Narayan Mishra College of Business Management in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India.

About The Book

"Innovate to Integrate: A Multidimensional Approach for Managing Business" stands as a monumental contribution to contemporary management literature, meticulously compiled and edited by Ankit Raj Singh, Dr. Ugramohan Jha, and Dr. Manish Kumar. This scholarly work serves as a beacon for academics, researchers, and practitioners in the field of management, offering a rich tapestry of theories, insights, and practical applications drawn from the collective wisdom of esteemed experts across the discipline.

Embarking on a journey through the multifaceted realm of management, the book delves into the dynamics of leadership, organizational behavior, strategic planning, human resources, and innovation. It presents a compendium of chapters, each dedicated to unraveling specific managerial challenges and providing actionable strategies to navigate the complexities of modern organizational environments. Through a meticulous curation process, the editors have ensured that the book encapsulates a diverse range of perspectives, reflecting the dynamic and evolving nature of management practices.

The contributors, an assembly of scholars and practitioners, have laid down the foundations for a comprehensive understanding of effective management. Their contributions, grounded in rigorous research and enriched with real-world examples, bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical implementation. This synthesis of evidence-based insights and practical wisdom is designed to inspire and empower readers to lead with confidence, adapt to change, and drive organizational success.

"Innovate to Integrate" is not only an academic endeavor but also a testament to the dedication and commitment of its editors and contributors. Their collective efforts have culminated in a resource that promises to advance the field of management, fostering innovation, critical thinking, and continuous development among its readers. It is a guidepost for those aspiring to make impactful contributions to their organizations and the broader field of management.

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