Exploring Credit Card Perceptions: A Socioeconomic Study in Jammu Region

Dr. Arti Kundan

Paperback and e–book


138 pages

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About The Author

Dr. Arti Kundan, is an accomplished professional with a diverse academic and professional background. Holding an MBA with a major in HRM and a minor in marketing, Dr. Kundan earned a PhD from Jammu University and is UGC NET qualified in Management. In addition, she holds a three-year diploma in computer engineering from Govt Polytechnic.

With a rich teaching experience of five years in the BBA department at GDC Boys Udhampur, Jammu, and two and a half years in the HRM and OB department at Central University Jammu, Dr. Kundan also contributed three and a half months of work at Govt SPMR College of Commerce.

Her professional journey includes a one-year stint as an Operation Assistant at Karvy Mutual Fund.

Dr. Kundan's academic prowess extends to research, with five publications in UGC CARE and peer-reviewed international journals. She has presented numerous papers in both international and national conferences, showcasing her commitment to academic discourse.

Currently, Dr. Kundan serves as an Academic Counselor in Management at IGNOU and holds the position of an instructor in Business Administration at Eton College, Vancouver, Canada. Her multifaceted expertise in academia and industry positions her as a dynamic and knowledgeable professional in the field of management and business administration.

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